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Hansaton USA Announces VENETO X-Mini

Hansaton’s newest Business Class product combines award-winning design with groundbreaking technology

October 26, 2010 – Minneapolis, MN - Hansaton USA announces the success of its new Business Class product, the VENETO X-Mini receiver-in-the-canal system. With its unique “technology from nature” feature, the VENETO from Hansaton mimics the natural influence of the ear on sound at the highest technical level. A cutting-edge inverse-phase feedback cancellation system, the Active Feedback Block 2G with Open Optimizer prevents any irritating whistling. In addition, the VENETO’s i-com2 synchronizes both hearing systems automatically, ensuring significantly improved speech recognition and directional hearing, especially in noisy environments. 

“Everything sounds natural with the VENETO, there are no strange frequencies or odd whistling noises,” said Jerry Yanz,, Director of Audiology for Hansaton USA. “The VENETO hearing system also extends the range far beyond that of most modern hearing aids. While most hearing systems max out at about 8,000 Hz, the VENETO uses HiFi sound all the way to 12,000 Hz, a remarkable improvement in the range of sound.” 

The VENETO X-Mini from Hansaton keeps its cutting-edge technology hidden in a tiny, award-winning designer housing. The VENETO X-Mini also has a premium 2-tone special finish, making it look more slender than other mini systems. With its selection of seven natural shades of color, the hearing system matches skin or hair tones and thus appears almost invisible. 

Almost all levels of hearing loss can be covered by the new HANSATON VENETO X-Mini with an external receiver available in three power classes (45/55/65 dB). The VENETO X-Mini is also fitted with the smallest receiver currently on the market. It is virtually invisible and fits very snugly in the ear canal making it barely noticeable

The VENETO X-Mini receiver-in-the-canal system is available for mild to severe hearing loss in the CIC, Mini-Canal, Canal and Concha designs. 

About Hansaton 

In our 50 years as a European leader in hearing aid design, we’ve learned a few things about what it means to listen. It’s how we deliver more of what you want. It’s how we provide the best available technology and the best possible value. And we do it simply. Great products. Transparent pricing. Extraordinary service. We’re listening. To learn more about Hansaton products email sales@hansaton-usa.com, call 888.984.7432 or visit www.hansaton-usa.com.